About me!

Hello there, I’m the Lauren behind Lauren Gross Photography! I’m based out of the high desert town of Ridgecrest, CA on the doorstep of the southeastern Sierra Nevada Mountains.  Since I get the incredible opportunity to learn so much about my clients and photography the special moments in their lives, here are a few things about me!  

I’m very easy going, a little sarcastic and I enjoy joking around. I crave a good cup of coffee in the morning, being outdoors and exploring new places (especially new places to eat)!   I love weight training (the heavier the better!) and hate cardio.  I’ve knocked out my front tooth with my camera while photographing wildlife.  I’m an Enneagram 6, a huge list maker and genuinely believe in the importance and power of photography.

The mountains are where I feel the most at peace. John Muir said “Going to the mountains is going home” and I feel that in my soul.  In my free time you’ll find my family and I hiking, fishing and exploring the incredible places right outside our door! 

Photography started gaining momentum in my life during high school.  My Dad always had a camera in hand and seeing that sparked my passion. That love of photography then took me to Brooks Institute of Photography where I graduated with a Bachelors in Photography.

In 2009 I started as a photographer for the Department of the Navy and moved to the little desert town of Ridgecrest, CA. In 2017 I had my son and after almost a decade with the Navy I decided to leave, take the leap and launched Lauren Gross Photography full time! 

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I truly want you to love everything about your session! I pour my heart into each and every client from the time you first contact me all the way to delivering your final gallery. We all know how quickly time passes and how fast the world can change. I look forward to working with you and capturing the most important moments in your lives!

Family Photos Below by Jessica Byrum Photography